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Obama On 60 Minutes

Obama On 60 Minutes

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Airdate: 12/11/11 Steve Kroft interviews the president on a wide range of critical topics, including Obama's performance in office; the U.S. economy and the state.... In a preview of Sunday's "60 Minutes" President Obama discusses Democratic political losses during his .... CBS NEWS: On 60 Minutes, President Obama discusses his two terms as commander-in-chief, Donald Trump .... Is the U.S. taking a backseat to Russia in Syria? Steve Kroft asks President Obama in an interview for 60 Minutes.. CBS has booked President Barack Obama for his final network television interview with a "60 Minutes" special," which will air on Jan. 15.. Speaking to CBS' 60 Minutes, Obama dismissed the idea that there is a "major rupture" in the .... President Obama: The full "60 Minutes" interv... Steve Kroft interviews President Barack Obama about his .... The President chose to return to 60 Minutes for one last interview. Obama was profiled by Steve Kroft two years prior to his election and Kroft.... "60 Minutes" vet Kroft scores coup with first Obama interview since historic election.. Good evening. I'm Steve Kroft. Welcome to "60 Minutes Presents." Tonight, President Barack Obama looks back at eight years in the White.... If anybody was wondering why Barack Obama chose 60 Minutes as the one news outlet for an interview on his buy-my-economic-proposals-please TV tour, they.... On 60 Minutes, President Obama discusses his two terms as commander-in-chief, Donald Trump and what has been one of the strangest.... CBS News' "60 Minutes" selectively edited an interview with President Obama in 2012 to omit his comment that it was unclear whether an.... During an interview that primarily covered Obama's foreign policy in the Middle East, correspondent Steve Kroft was combative with Obama,.... President Obama will appear on 60 Minutes for the first and only interview since Osama bin Laden's death. Steve Kroft will join the President at.... President Obama will sit down with Steve Kroft on 60 Minutes as part of the hour-long special Barack Obama: Eight Years in the White House.. In a 60 Minutes interview, Bernie Sanders defended his past praise of Fidel Castro's education policies. But Sanders's kind words for Cuba's.... President Barack Obama and President-elect Donald Trump shook hands ... Speaking to CBS' ''60 Minutes,'' Obama dismissed the idea that.... As President Barack Obama prepares to turn the White House over to President-elect Donald Trump, he's offering some advice to his.... President Obama's last interview as president will be with the same program that aired his first upon taking office: "60 Minutes." The CBS...


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